Effortlessly Expand your IoT Business with
Software-Defined Connectivity

A Full IoT Service Suite for your Enterprise Customers

What do we offer?
IoT Connectivity Platform
A cloud-based Connectivity Management Platform-as-a-service containing everything you need to promote IoT projects in your footprint
Private LTE/5G Network
A private network instance  providing low latency and agreed Level of Service for enterprises with special needs
Virtual Core
A fully featured cloud platform enables mobile operators to kick-start their operations with a virtual Core Network, BSS and CRM
 Extend your global reach

Deploy global network extensions to enable your global enterprise customers to meet roaming and privacy regulations.

Use your SIM and roaming agreements to provide worldwide coverage

Extend your network by deploying local network elements

Deploy quickly

by utilizing our cloud

 Minimize your TCO

Promote IoT solutions using floLIVE's full IoT platform as-a-service

All-inclusive platform comprising Core Network, eSIM Management, IoT Billing and CRM

Flexible deployment options support your needs and regulations:

Over the cloud, On-premise or Hybrid

Control and Manage all building blocks via a white labeled web portal or REST API

Modules are easily decoupled to utilize existing solutions and investments

Platform provided as a managed service thus reduces time-to-market and TCO

 Enhance your IoT offering

Global Network Extension

Extend your network globally by deploying local network elements to ensure your customers are fully compliant with Permanent Roaming and Privacy Regulations

A Slice for Every Customer

Provide your enterprise customers dedicated network resources customized to their needs

Edge Solutions

Deploy floLIVE core network elements close to the edge to enable the next generation of IoT services on mobile networks

Private Campus Networks

Offer your enterprise customers a private, fully customized network to enhance reliability, security, and performance


Case Study: Transformational Connectivity

Integration complexity impacts service, maintenance, flexibility and cost.

By partnering with floLIVE, Eseye has a unified telecoms solution, reducing the number of integrations, and thereby seeing a directly positive impact on operational costs, service resolution time, and overall control.  

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