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Solving the
connectivity puzzle

Implementing IoT projects is like solving a complex puzzle, where all pieces must work together seamlessly.

floLIVE ensures all pieces are connected any time, anywhere, allowing enterprises to focus on their core business.

Connecting the global enterprise

Enterprises delivering millions of connected devices annually via global distribution chains face many challenges when trying to provide advanced services. Furthermore, providing these services in multiple countries requires complex integrations with local mobile operators that result in shifting focus from their main business to telecom operator integration.


Not only these integrations consume resources and take months to stabilize, they also do not deliver the expected result of a single unified panel that visualizes, controls and manages devices in the field. With each mobile operator exposing a different set of parameters, enabling different control functions and providing different support levels, providing quality service to customers becomes a merely impossible mission.


Another key element when providing services involving financial, medical or personal information is security – since not all mobile operators take the same security measures to protect their networks and their customers, highly sensitive data may often be compromised.

floLIVE is the only solution that addresses ALL your IoT connectivity needs and challanges on a global scale.

​"In IoT, using global SIMs is not an option in some countries
due to total or partial permanent roaming restrictions"
Choosing the right IoT connectivity solution
The only platform that provides 
true end-to-end connectivity management service

your devices anytime, anywhere with zero touch


your devices uniformly,

regardless their location


with Permanent Roaming and Privacy rules and laws


and protect your devices from multiple angles

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